Sleep, Dream and other Serendipities

di Beatrice Fabbri

fammriI have always liked to take naps during the day. I feel extremely sleepy but I am also present-focused.
In-between state of mind, here and elsewhere at the same time, between fiction and reality.
Taking naps gave her relief, joy and enhanced her human skills to understand people.
While  sleeping, she faced weird stituations, met ackward people talked to them and found how at ease she was.
Then the akawening was sudden.
A little sound roused her… wrote Virginia.
She wondered if she understood what happened to her while dreaming.
She remembered just a giant smiling at her and holding a white lily in his hands. She smiled.
The rainbow over the hills reminded her   all of the vision of unity in which her life was banded  together by a metaphysical experience.
A double and significant life made of serendipities.      

Beatrice Fabbri - autore.

Beatrice Fabbri, docente, autrice, fotografa.

Dal 2005, svolgo regolare attività di insegnamento presso la California State University (International Program in Florence), tenendo corsi di Mitologia Greca e Letteratura italiana contemporanea in inglese e in italiano, privilegiando le storie invisibili di uomini e donne e intersecando discipline diverse, storia delle arti visive, cinema, storia materiale in uno zibaldone di collages conoscitivi ma soprattutto emotivi. Amo molto insegnare, la mia passione, stare in un continuo scambio e apprendimento senza competizioni e in libertà..non è sempre facile, ma sto nel movimento e nell’ascolto di chi mi ascolta.

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